Looking for Answers

Where does a Muslim go for answers? Raised in an environment that actively discourages questioning of any kind, more and more are turning to the internet. As the Middle Eastern world goes through ongoing upheaval, our online Arabic website is inundated with inquiries. Live chat sessions and our chat rooms are also full of activity. Muslims are increasingly disillusioned with Islam. This year’s events throughout the world – the attack on Canada’s parliament building in October, the hostage taking in Australia’s coffee shop, the beheadings of tourists in North Africa… are causing Muslims to reconsider what they have always believed to be the truth.

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Love Never Fails – Fear or Love?

Beheadings… fleeing refugees… persecution… As we watch today’s headlines from the Arab world, we feel helpless. We know that God calls us to love, but how is it possible in the face of such turmoil, hatred and suffering? Satan’s weapon is fear, and he uses it to ensnare followers of Islam and counteract the advancement of the gospel.

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Love Never Fails – Victims of War

Societies in the Arab world are descending into chaos and violence. In the desperate war-torn countries of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, people are overcome by fear and dread. Their homelands are being destroyed and, according to the UN, they are becoming failed states. It is no wonder that we receive messages such as this:

I so desperately want to know more about Christ. I don’t know why, but a strange feeling comes over me, and I am afraid of everything around me.

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Love Never Fails – Women at Risk

Women across the Arab world have been abused, misused, humiliated, oppressed, assaulted and raped in alarming numbers. War has torn apart their families and lives. They are crushed and without hope. Jesus wants to compassionately care for them and restore them.

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Love Never Fails – The Persecuted

Our belief about God and our understanding of the Bible’s teachings make a radical difference in everyday life and decisions. The reality of this is starkly apparent in lands where Christians are being threatened, targeted, imprisoned and killed for their faith. In fact, nine of the top ten countries in the world with the most persecution have majority Muslim populations.

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Love Never Fails – Seekers

The promise that ‘Islam is the solution’ is wearing thin. Arab world Muslims are frustrated and weary. Through this frustration and disillusionment, God is softening hearts and opening doors in former Islamic strongholds. Many Muslims are asking questions, including whether or not Christians have answers to their spiritual needs.

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Dreams and Visions

Over the years we have encountered many stories of people in the Muslim world who have come to faith through a vision or dream about Jesus. From September 15th until October 15th, our Maarifa internet ministry is reaching out specifically to those whom God is drawing to himself through dreams and visions.

Through a short video testimony on our Maarifa and Facebook sites, along with ads on Google and Facebook, people are encouraged to share with us if they’ve had a dream or vision. The advertisements link to a landing page with a short video testimony of Khasroo, who had a vision of Jesus that changed his life. Although this video is in Arabic, you will get the gist of the story without understanding the words.

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The Hajj

Excerpt from: Praying through the Arabian Peninsula

Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage that is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims, begins this week. During the Hajj, which starts this year on October 2 and runs for three or four days, an estimated three million Muslims will be making the journey to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to perform sacred acts and follow the steps of their prophet Mohammed in a quest to be cleansed of their sins. This is a strategic time for Christians to pray for Muslims.

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