Against all odds

A transformed life is all about putting God at the centre. The Christian faith is not just about holding to a set of beliefs, but about being transformed by them. No programme can transform the life of a person or a community the way God can!

We all struggle to live out our faith in daily life. But can you imagine how difficult it is to grasp these kingdom values within a culture that is opposed to Christianity?

Two years ago, the Thomas Reuters Foundation released the results of some research conducted on women’s rights in the Arab world. The report makes for some shock reading: sexual harassment running at rates as high as 99 percent; female genital mutilation as high as 91 percent in Egypt; marital rape not recognised in many of the Gulf countries, as well as Morocco; child marriage and human trafficking endemic in Yemen… Although the report outlines some very positive developments in a number of countries, it clearly shows that humanistic, educational campaigns by the UN and other NGOs have made very little progress in this area.

Across the Arab world, women need to hear the message of God’s love that transforms. Throughout his ministry, Jesus taught that kingdom values should transform what we know and understand. Many times, he said, You have heard it said, but I say…

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Women at risk – an update

I ask God most high to help me and then I turn to you also. I feel so sad and have pain that almost suffocates me, yet for no reason. I could say much more but I can’t explain it. Please reply to me. May God bless you.

Women at risk are one of the four people groups we have been reaching out to this year, through our Love Never Fails initiative. A series of self-help video modules has been produced to help people tackle a number of mental health issues, including depression, forgiveness, self-esteem and sexual abuse.

Seven out of twelve modules have so far been launched, and the response we’ve received so far has been hugely encouraging. We promoted the modules, with some short ‘hook’ videos, like this one on anger, and these were viewed more than 53,000 times. We also put together some quizzes to help people identify their problem areas. These were completed 35,000 times.

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The hope of glory

Hopelessness and fear

If you receive our monthly prayer email Breakthrough, you will be familiar with these two particular strongholds. They have a firm grip on millions of lives, not only in war-torn parts, but throughout the Arab world region. Since January 2014, Arab World Media has been sending out monthly prayer requests for each Arab world country. In the past twenty months, almost half of the strongholds we’ve prayed against have been either hopelessness or fear.

Many Arab world Muslims feel there is no hope for the future and no hope of freedom, peace or change, yet there is also fear of new things and the unknown. It is a terrible situation to be stuck in. There is a desire to move forward and see positive change, but this may seem impossible or too big a step to take.

The power of prayer

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Precious possession

In matters of faith, we hold fast to what we know to be true. But occasionally, we find the need to adjust slightly our beliefs as we mature in our faith and let God develop our theology through Bible reading and sound teaching. But for Rahman*, a Middle Eastern man, the need for adjustment was more of a major shift.

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Ramadan day 30

Praying Scripture over the Arab world during Ramadan

Today’s verse is for all Muslims and non-Muslims in the Arab world.

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